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3D Printing Club 3DPC

The 3D Printing Club 3DPC is excited to announce the rebuild and recreation of the new and improved 3DPC.tech web site. We’ve changed our style of the site and implemented new features for the club membership. We have more contributing authors, technicians and content creators. Plans include bigger and better activities and events for membership. And we are joining forces with 3D Printing Affiliates that increase and advance our content production. And we plan continued growth features for the future.

www.3DPC.tech site overhaul

3DPC.tech now has a beautiful magazine style theme. Not too busy but feature rich. Top down on the home page you’ll notice a “LATEST:” ticker tape top bar of our most recent reviews and news. Our media channels outward are social icons so you can explore more 3DPC.tech content outside the site. Subscriber sign up is now top right and easy to join so you don’t miss a thing like our upcoming newsletter “3D Printing Club News“.  Breaking out our new features will include exclusive and featured video productions. A condensed and more visible list of headlines for recent news and reviews. Nora Toures’ “Women in 3D Printing” is now a feature on the front page. A new featured news and events corner of the front page is time and date relevant keeping members up to date on events and specials happening with club members and companies. More and more Giveaways, contests and promotional fun is planned to increase. And last but not least (not the end, we plan more future improvements) you will see tutorials.

3D Printing Club Content Creators

3DPC.tech is different. We have a 3DPCrew of independent content creators, review technicians. Each of the technical team has their own channels and sites. 3DPC can join forces with those in a partnership to do more for both sides. In addition to Chris Garrett, Robert Griffith (askGriff) and Myself (Al Shuryan) we’ve promoted Thomas Harrell, Jim Carter, Adam Hamel, Bob McGrath and Jim Weist to review technicians. Matt Snow of the “Inside the Mind Of Matt” has joined the crew for youtube content creation. In time more of the crew will join in creating content for club reviews, news, and tutorials.  We have increased moderators and admins with higher levels of experience to help membership troubleshoot and draw out better content discussion in threads. Our content has taken a highly respected place in the world of content. Our SEO has skyrocketed and we are now appearing on the first page and some content, first line of search results making us very proud, engaged and motivated. We’ve begun affiliating with other groups like 3D Printer Chat, Creality, Wanhao and more that create huge benefits for the club membership. Read more about 3D Printing Club Future Plans…

3D Printing Club Future

The plans for 3DPC.tech, 3D Printing Club, 3D Printing Club for Teachers and Schools, 3D Print Laser and Milling and all of our related media channels will be expanded. The site has plans for an interactive gallery of prints allowing data and images to be gathered by printer brand, model, filaments, studio, modeler and object links… Tutorials will grow creating STEM content for Teachers and Schools. The Youtube Channel will evolve to a resource we can draw on and share when moderating and troubleshooting. Affiliations with high-level content creators are happening with plans to integrate services and content together. Lasers and milling topics, news and reviews are going to be included in our content expansion. The commercial industry now knows who we are and many are excited to join the flow of our productions and events. Giveaways, contests, and promotions will become a regular club event adding more fun to everyone’s experience. We are getting more personal with membership by creating and hosting specific Brand/model user groups like Wanhao Duplicator 6 Official User Group, Wanhao Duplicator 9 User Group, Prusa 3D Printer Owners Group and Creality Cr8 3D Printer User Group. Coming soon is a separate 3DPC.Sales page where now we can negotiate club specials, discounts, and group buying power. Launchpad for shopping for tools, supplies, and materials. 3DPC branded swag is on the way and 3DPC brand 3D Printing accessories are in the works. Other ideas in the works and planning are a searchable 3DPCtips and 3DPCfaqs database on site, Google Hangouts with the club on a regular schedule, more and more live interactions with the club like streaming and one on one printer help and troubleshooting and live streaming from exhibitions, trade shows and major industry events.

Thank you

We want to thank everyone for the support and attention given to the 3D Printing Club. Without you, we would not be here. Without special people like Chris Garrett who is hosting our website and Hakan Fagnells support for website creation and business planning. Many of our moderators have been with us from the start seven years ago. A manager couldn’t ask for a better team. The commercial world has finally found us and coming to us instead of me pleading for samples and products for content creation.  What was a dream and desire for years in the making is now a virtual reality. I promise to take special care of this responsibility everyone has awarded us with as your host.

Al Shuryan ~ 3D Printing Club Manager

Al Shuryan

Founder / Host / Moderator / Review Tech 3D Printing Club 3D Printing Club for Teachers and Schools 3D Print Laser and Milling www.3DPC.tech MODs4VETS alfredshuryan@3DPC.tech