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Introduction to 3D Printing Club (

Introduction to 3D Printing Club (

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Our mission

Host a community of 3D Printing makers enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Supporting members in the use and selection of 3D printers by publishing current news and reviews. Grow our educational entity hosting 3D Printing Club for Teachers and Schools around the world. Blend our 3D Print Laser and Milling entity with 3D Printing Club into the mix with the club. Do the very best we can for our members and clients.

Our history

3D Printing Club was created in 2011 as an interest group sharing information about 3D printing.

As 3D printers became more affordable for small businesses, enthusiasts and schools sales climbed. In 2010 3D printer sales were 23,000 units with projections for 2017 to be over 1,100,000 units. We like to think we helped in research, sharing product information, technically supported members and moderating discussions in the 3D Printing Club and that played a role in this industry growth.

Our product review technicians are professionals. Our moderators and admins are experienced active 3D printing experts, engineers and professionals helping our users and membership grow to over 100,000 plus followers. The founder Al Shuryan is a retired Database Engineer and like the Technicians and Moderators, dedicated to the members and steady growth of the club.

Current market ranking as of 2018

3D Printing Club is ranking #2. 3D Print Laser and Milling was left out but would rank #7 giving two of the top seven 3D Printing communities. 3D Printing Club for Teachers and Schools (left out) is also growing fast.

Graph Courtesy of 3D Printer Chat  

UPDATE: March 2018

2 days LinkedIn stats 3D Printing Our Way To Space. reach

Is getting your content and message out to industry professionals, CEOs and Founders of interest? We are not only big on FaceBook but LinkedIn too. Our reach is more than hobbyists and enthusiasts. We reach industry professionals, buyers and decision makers. roles would seriously like to affiliate, review samples, provide promotions, host giveaways, host contests, resell products, represent client companies at expos like CES, tct, Rapid, Midwest RepRap Festival and Makers Faires plus do everything possible for the best possible business relations. provides our members with technical service and troubleshooting saving many clients technical service hours. We want to do more with you and your brand. With affiliated relations, your company and us can both post/promote/advertise in our 3D Printing Club, 3D Printing Club for Teachers and Schools3D Print Laser and Milling3D Print Advertising3D Printing Club Page channels and more…

3DPC can publish your client:

~  content
~  special announcements
~  updates
~  press releases
with short notice and broad or targeted audiences. can review:

~  products
~  parts
~  materials
~  software
using our highly professional technicians, engineers, and authors.

3DPC can create media for: 

~  youtube
~  streams 
~  graphics
~  advertisements on site
for your products and services.

We create and host product-specific user groups that act as the pipeline for you to your customers giving us the opportunity to moderate discussions about your products we’ve become familiar with. Example; FaceBooks Creality 3D Original Factory Company Page and Creality CR-10, CR-10S, & CR-10S Pro 3D Printer User Group we built and help maintain.

We offer to advertise and reselling on-site pushing out to ours and your media channels and portals.

*Each technician is “independent” and has their own access to media channels in addition to our own channels. has content sharing arrangements with other major media groups like 3D Printer Chat, Wanhao and Creality groups.

Our SEO on site has been very kind to us. 3DPC is appearing first page and some first line in search engines. Google Example; ” Wanhao Duplicator 7 Review “, 1st page 1st line. Futures:

  • Educational content creation
  • 3DPC branded products
  • Membership levels with benefits
  • Marketing for specific products
  • Choice product awards (3DPChoice)
  • DIY, Instructables and How To content creation
  • Host hubs printing services
  • Live podcasting and streaming
  • Host Meet-ups Local and On-line Entities and Affiliates

3DPC Websites

3DPC FaceBook (pages and groups hosts) (3DPC has a combined total of 100,000+ followers) or

Al Shuryan

Founder / Host / Moderator / Review Tech 3D Printing Club 3D Printing Club for Teachers and Schools 3D Print Laser and Milling MODs4VETS