PEI Coated Flex-Plate System for 3D Printers – Kickstarter

Our product is a PEI coated flex-plate system for 3D printers; it consists of a double or single-sided (your choice), PEI coated laser cut spring steel sheet and an accompanying 150º C rated adhesive-backed magnet.

Ken Cobb

Marietta, OH

“I enjoy working with hardware and software and love to invent things. It is my goal to bring affordable, innovative products for people to enjoy and to make their lives easier.”

His Kickstarter is All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Wed, March 27 2019 9:04 PM EDT.
Check it out. We are sampling it in the hopes it will be our 3DPChoice for a Spring Steel Magnetic Flex Plate featured product.


Magnetic PEI Flex Steel Sheet Kickstarter


We have all been there, prying and scraping at a finished print only to ruin it, or even worse, injure ourselves.

Those of us familiar with 3D printing know that PEI is unrivaled for its adhesion properties to a majority of filaments, however, some filaments (such as PETG) can stick too well.

Let’s face it, we don’t want to wait for the bed plate to cool down to remove a printed part; we’re makers, we want to create things, and do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our product is a flex-plate system that fits nearly any 3D printer; it consists of a double or single-sided (your choice), PEI coated laser cut spring steel sheet and an accompanying 150º C rated adhesive-backed magnet.

With our PEI coated sheets, you can spend more time enjoying printing and less time cleaning up ruined prints! Our flex-plate system offers the following advantages:

  • Customizable. Each backer gets to specify exactly what size and shape they want, up to 350mm for the longest dimension and either rectangular or circular. We put the power of choice in your hands!
  • Simple. When a print completes, simply take the plate off and flex either side of it to release the print with ease; there is no risk of injuring the part or yourself!
  • Beautiful, textured finish on the first layer of your prints.
  • Quick swap plates to facilitate back-to-back printing.
  • Genuine PEIPEI is a non-proprietary bed surface material that offers incredible adhesion properties to a majority of filaments.
  • Durable. PEI coating is not prone to being cracked or gouged such as what can be experienced with traditional sheets of PEI that require a scraper tool to remove completed prints.
  • High temperature rated. The adhesive-backed magnet is rated for 150º C, which will satisfy toasty bed plate enthusiasts.
  • Double or single-sided options. You can select from either a double or a single-sided PEI coated sheet! By choosing the single-sided option, this allows you to apply your own thin build surface, such as Garolite or Kapton, to the non-coated side of the sheet for printing aerospace grade filaments, such as: Nylon, PAEK, PEEK, PEKK, or Ultem.
  • Auto bed leveling compatible. Capacitive, inductive, and touched-based sensors work great with our sheet.

Free Shipping!

We are delighted to say that every backer will receive free shipping. Every reward includes the price of shipping regardless of where you are located. Packages will be shipped with tracking using USPS. For international buyers, please note that USPS doesn’t provide tracking for all countries. Shipments to backers will be made after production ends and is quality checked.

Double-sided rewards now available!

We are pleased to announce that we have added more reward choices to satisfy as many printing enthusiasts as possible! Due to popular demand, we are now able to offer double-sided coated PEI sheets.

We now give you the option to choose either single or double-sided flex-plate systems and/or flex-plates!

Choose from the double-sided rewards if you want to quickly swap sides of your plate.

Choose from the single-sided rewards if you are wanting to expand your capabilities with printing challenging filaments, such as: Nylon, PAEK, PEEK, PEKK, or Ultem. The non-coated side is great for applying Garolite or Kapton, or even other substrates that allow you to unlock aerospace grade filaments.


Upon the successful funding of the campaign, backers will provide us with the length and width (or diameter) dimensions of the sheet they want us to produce, up to 350mm for the longest dimension. For rectangular sheets, backers can specify which side they want the finger tabs to be placed, either on the short or the long side of the rectangle. Circular sheets will have one finger tab automatically placed.

  • Raw material procurement. We have already lined up our suppliers and they’re excited to receive our first orders upon the successful funding of the campaign.
  • Manufacturing. Manufacturing will be based in the USA and will utilize laser cutting and PEI coating processes. For efficiency, orders will be nested and batched together which results in faster turnaround time and less waste in raw material.

Because we have been prototyping for over a year and have sourced fantastic materials and manufacturers, we are confident that we can transition into mass production shortly after the campaign ends.

Special Thanks and Credits

Risks and challenges

We want to be transparent and honest about any issues faced in production. We will post updates to the Updates tab on the campaign page for any issues we encounter as well as our current stage of production.

The biggest challenges that will be faced comes down to the quality of manufacturing. We don’t want to have an overpriced product, but at the same time, we don’t want to have a cheaply made product that is of poor or varying quality.

We will be manufacturing our product in the USA; the advantage of doing this is that it allows us to have greater control over quality without suffering the challenges that can be associated with outsourcing. Keeping manufacturing in the USA will also allow rewards to be fulfilled more quickly than if we were to outsource.

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