Anet A4 3D Printer Quick Assembly US/EU by TESLA Filmaments Dan Salvadore

Anet A4 3D Printer Quick Assembly US/EU by TESLA Filmaments Dan Salvadore

Anet A4 3D Delta Printer Assembly and Test Print Video

Anet A4 Features  ( 3D Delta Style Printer )

● Optical axis + linear bearing make the printing smooth and flexible in a high speed
● Elegant aluminum alloy frame and delta structure support more stable and accurate printing
● The tightness of belt is adjustable for avoiding the skipping problems 
● Easy assembly, you just need 10 minutes to finish installing
● Adopts high-end and elegant metal power case
● Supports remote filament feeding

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ANET A4 is available in the Sales page: Anet A4 for $179.99 

Tesla Filament Company Introduction


We produce FDM Filaments with a vast Experience in the Plastic Industry 

– Our Mission –

To produce the best Possible Quality FDM Filaments.

At Tesla, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in FDM Printing. Problems such as layer adhesion in low-end printers, smooth surface finish for Everyone is not a phantasy.

Manufacturers aren’t sure which Material Brands to use and often use recycled mix with their Filament, Causing users to Spend their time (and money) with Failed Prints.

Our mission at Tesla Filaments is to make the Filament more User-Friendly while keeping it at competitive Price and with the Best Quality possible.

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