Dan Salvadore of Tesla Filaments with Anet E16

Anet E16 3D Printer Assembly First Prints First Impressions

Anet E16 3D Printer

1. Easy assembly, only 5-10 minutes
2. All-metal body, aluminum profile mechanism, accurate and stable printing
3. Large build volume 300*300*400mm
4. Automatic loading and unloading filament
5. Dual Z-axis motors, dual Y-axis optical axis design
6. Adjustable Y-axis belt design
7. Special pulley and profile design, with higher printing precision

Anet E16 3D Printer
Anet E16 Picture Image courtesy of Anet3d.com
Anet E16 3D Printer Volume
Anet E16 Printer Volume Image Courtesy of anet3d.com

Where to Buy:  https://3dpc.tech/3dpc-3d-printer-sales/

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