Use The Right Tool For Your Project Coated Brass Nozzle Vs. Coated Steel Nozzle

Nozzles and Characteristics    

Brass Coated 3D Printer Nozzle by Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. with Nonstick Polymer coated inside and Nanodiamond Coated tip is used at less than 325°C for continuous use, with 350°C allowed in burst mode. It has superior heat conducting characteristics (better heat-up and heat transmission to filament), is clog and wear resistant, and has a two-year limited warranty. This is the optimal nozzle for the preponderance of fused filament fabrication additive manufacturing (FFFAM).

Tool Steel Nozzles by others is gas plasma coated with zirconium dioxide or chemical plated with nickel or chrome. Steel has a 454% – 781% lower thermo-conductivity than brass. The zirconium oxide coated nozzle comes with a lifetime warranty against wear. Steel nozzles are used for high temperature filaments requiring > 325°C continuous temperature usage. Steel nozzles coated with zirconium oxide are used for highly abrasive, high temperature filaments such as glass filled polycarbonate (Glass Polycarb), carbon filled polycarbonate (Carbon Polycarb), or PEEK

Thermal Conductivity

When a system gains heat, it stores some of its heat energy and transports the remaining heat energy to some other system. The ability of a system to transport heat energy is referred to as Thermal conductivity of the system. Basically, it is a Transport property of a system.

Material Thermal Conductivity Wm-1·K-1 Temperature (K) Notes
Diamond, natural 2,200 293
Brass (63% – Cu, 37% – Zn) 125 296
Brass (70% – Cu, 30% Zn)) 109 293-296
Steel, stainless 16-16.7, 18-24 296 (Fe, Cr12.5-25%, Ni0-20%, Mo0-3%, Ti0-trace)

Brass has superior thermal mechanics compared to steel. Thermal conductivity of brass is 454% to 781% better than steel. This means steel produces extra stress from its higher level of energy demand on components such as the heater or MOSFETs over a longer period of time.

Summary Of Nano DIAMONDIZED™ 3D Printer Nozzle

  • Our brass coated 3D printer nozzle is the best choice for printing conducted at less than 325°C
  • Our brass 3D printer nozzle heats and cools quickly
  • Steel heats and cools slowly demonstrating inferior thermal mechanics; since a 3D printer is a combination extrusion and deposition device, If heating and cooling are not sufficiently responsive there is a loss of control and the quality of the print is reduced. To compensate requires a more powerful heater and a more powerful cooler.

Product Availability

Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. Diamondized™ 3D printer nozzles with nanodiamond coated tip and internal thin film polymer coating are available in the following configurations and output orifices only from sales page. Custom orders are also available.

3D Printer Nozzle
3D Printer Nozzle
E3D V6 0.4mm Diamondized Nozzle