Creality CR-10 S5 Unboxing, Assembly, Bed-Level and First Print!

Creality CR-10 S5 Unboxing, Assembly, Bed-Level and First Print! 

Creality’s CR-10 reviews are all agreed on one thing; the CR-10 is not just an amazing printer for the price, it’s an amazing printer PERIOD. But what about it’s big brother? The original CR-10 3D printer is already considered large, with a 300mm x 300mm bed, but the S5 has a 500x500x500mm build area!

I loved the CR-10 I bought from Tiny Machines, had to find out what the S5 was like, so I bought one from MacEwen3D and set it up. Check out my video below …

Creality CR-10 YouTube Video; Assemble CR-10 S5, Level CR-10 S5 and First Print CR-10 S5 3D Printer

Unboxing showed it was packaged extremely well (you need a sharp knife). Everything was as it should have been all apart from I was missing one bed level thumb wheel. You can see in the video it meant I had to find a nut of the right size and use pliers to level the bed in that corner. As soon as I had it printing, though, I downloaded an M4 bed level thumb wheel from Thingiverse 🙂

For future levelling I created these CR-10 X-axis helper towers. This version of the CR-10 comes with dual z lead screws (seems the new versions will all come that way) so levelling your X-axis is essential to get a good bed level.

Other than that it was all very straight forward. Some screws for the uprights and brackets on the side, plug in some cables, add the SD card, load filament, print off the decapitated cat!

It’s too early to give an actual review, but I have to say so far things are looking great.

Chris Garrett

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