Creality CR-8 2 in 1 3D Printer - picture courtesy of GearBest.

Creality CR-8 2 in 1 3D Printer Review

Creality CR-8 3D Printer Review (*2 in 1 with laser module update later (please follow))

Creality’s CR-8 2 in 1 3D printer is a very interesting model. Cantilever style, higher speeds, portable, easy DIY build, heated bed, linear bearings and LCD control screen. Style, attention to details, patented nozzle design and higher quality parts may or may not be the reason we rarely see this discounted much. The CR-8 is very versatile and fits into a range of customer needs.   The delivery from China only took eight days and arrived safe and sound in a well packaged, heavy plastic wrap on the outside and padded foam inside box.

I want to thank Creality for allowing me to earn this printer and GearBest for Sponsoring 3DPClub at this year’s Midwest RepRap Festival where we showcased and demonstrated this CR-8 3D Printer. This unit has been in service for six months and is not a “review sample”. It was earned consulting for Creality. helped Creality rebuild the companies Facebook group and page and then factory group and page. Since it’s become my trusty little (210mm x 210mm) rig time after time with some really decent prints I wanted to share with 3DPClub members.

About Creality

Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd. which was founded in 2014, is one of the first group of enterprises devoting to 3D printing in China. With own R&D team and sales team focused on 3D printing research and development, manufacturing and sales. Creality 3D company produces two series of products: DIY and the whole machine
The headquarters and R&D are located in Shenzhen ( Jinchengyuan Industrial Area, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China ). Also opened a factory in Wuhan, Hubei province ( Qiaokou District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China ). The third factory has been completed ( Yingtai Industrial Area, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China ).
The factory covers an area of 12000 square meters, with 16 modern production lines, the monthly output can exceed 10000 sets. The total number of employees is 300, including 30 R & D personnel. The headquarters is in Shenzhen, the branch includes Dongguan, Wuhan, Shanghai, Shandong, Beijing etc.
Creality 3D brand products have been exported to almost all over the world, Europe, and North America is the main market. Creality 3D special after-sales service team guarantees that customers enjoy 3d printing technology and help Creality 3D win the market.
Certification: ISO9001、CE、FCC、ROHS, etc.
Patent: Appearance, Technology, Structure, such as V Driver, Hanging structure, noiseless wheels, etc.
Welcome to contact us to get more market opportunity!
Company Website:
Company Store:
Company Store:
Company and Factory Address: 11-12F, Building No.3, Jincheng Industrial Area, Dalang Street, Longhua, Shenzhen, China
Tel : +86 0755 8523 4565

Creality CR-8 2 in 1 3D Printer Build Preparation

This unit was fully loaded and ready to print without loading firmware. Lucky because the TF card containing all the foundation drivers and software was corrupted. Creality support was contacted through FaceBook company page. Tech support was online and available and within an hour provided a download replacement.

Note: If you install an old version of many slicers, you lose all printer configs and settings of a newer version installed. Be careful. 

Building the Creality CR-8

The only version of the CR-8 I know of is the easy to assemble version. Never have seen this in a full “kit” or “DIY” build version but the titles all say “kit” and “DIY”. The Creality CR-8 2 in 1 comes in four major assemblies. Took my time and had it up and running in less than a 1/2 hour. For safety, I always open and inspect the electronics box. Look close at the PSU lugs and wiring. Examine all the components, connectors, bolts and 2020 frame for any spurious materials. Check the belts but don’t play around. If they have good tension leave them (you will learn later that is a technique to learn). Check all the rollers, locknuts and washers. The only tricky bit was the corner bracket for the Z tower just hard to get to. Be sure all printer supports and bracing are tight, rollers are in good contact, roll freely on the 2020 frame. The tools included were: Cable ties, PVC filament spool holder, putty/object removal knife, small flathead screwdriver, some funky textured paper tape for bed adhesion, small wire snips, two wrenches, four hex allen wrenches and one small 200g spool of white generic filament.

Main Features:
● Support 3D print and laser engraving.
● It is unassembled DIY kit, with 3 major assemblies complete. Half hour to forty-five minutes will give you an unforgettable step-by-step learning experience of your personal 3D printer.
Heated 3mm hotbed with pluggable power connection, well-proportioned heating.
● 210 x 210 x 210mm printing volume, just right for you.
● Operating system: Windows / Mac / Linux.
● Support TF card or online print, especially convenient when without a computer.
Linear bearing: lightweight, stability, low noise.
Cantilever style 3D printer, simple to debug.
LCD screen shows you printing information directly and easy for you to manipulate.
High printing precision, stainless steel rail rods, gears, bearings and connectors for smoother movement.
● Suitable for a range of customers, young or old, professional or amateur etc..
● A good machine for the 3D DIY enthusiast as well as the classroom.



Package Contents
 1 x CR-8 Unit (Spare Part) 1 x Limited Package
 1 x Tool Package 1 x Power Supply
 1 x Power Cord 1 x Card Reader
1 x CD Card (Large)  1 x Textured Paper
 1 x Roll of Consumable (200g) 1 x Supplies Support
 1 x Data Line  1 x Perching Knife
1 x Spare Part 1 x Laser Head

Technical Impressions

The CR-8 has V-slot rollers, line-type bearings, cantilever-type structure, it’s lightweight, moves smoothly, quiet, faster speed more accuracy.  Speeds up to 200mm/s speeds, V-slot frame, high accuracy and low noise printing. The V-Slot rollers and better bearings allow you to tune out any noise and run smoother. The nozzle is a patented MK10 0.4mm nozzle design with all-over safety protection structure, scald-proof, scratch-proof, and shock protection. The MK10 nozzle and extruder mechanism is well suited for the job and no issues so far, not even a clog in six months use.  The CR-8 2 in 1 personal 3D printer with Laser Engraving function is a fun to own 2 in 1 rig. 3D Printer and Laser etching module. The bed checked out as level and bed heating only showed a small variance of 3 celsius around the bed with a laser shot temp gauge. Something I’ve been curious about is printer beds. So many printers have great adhesion at first. This unit never needed any adhesive support until the third month. Not sure if there is a coating on the bed that eventually wears down but now spray adhesive like Tesla Goo or Magigoo solution.


Creality CR-8 2 in 1 Specifications

Machine Dimension
380(L) x 430(W) x 495(H) mm
Print Volume
210 x 210 x 210mm
Printer Speed
50 – 120mm/s (Adjustable) 200mm/s (limit)
Compatible Filament
ABS, PLA, Nylon, PC, Flexible Rubber (PLA) and Wood-Like Materials
Filament Diameter
Software Support
Cura / Repetier-Host
Operating Windows
Layer Accuracy
0.05 – 0.4mm (Adjustable)
File Type
Power Supply
Printing Method
Online / Offline Printing
Operating Ambient Temp.
20°C – 35°C
Operating Relative Humidity
20% – 50%

3D Printing Clubs printed on the CR-8 and painted. Banner designed by Robert Griffith.


Personal Impressions

The Printer is lightweight. At 6.0kg this model is well suited for travel, moving around a classroom and taking to reprap festivals and maker fairs. Safety features include insulated bed, covered hotend nozzle and carrying handle making it portable. The bench space for this printer is much less the average frame/bed/control box. With the control box under the bed and cantilever structure, this printer takes up very little footprint. I would say this printer is a very capable home, school, shop, makers place and good for young people to learn 3D printing and laser etching.

The only thing I felt I needed to do for CR-8 was a modified parts cooling fan.  So I printed the cooling shroud, fan grills, and laser and fan mounts I found on Thingiverse.  CR-8 Fan and Laser Fixed by Halfage.

CR-8 3D Printer modified parts cooling set-up




All printed on the CR-8. Dig the fine slit giving parts cooling a 360-degree air flow.
Untouched except the edge filing. Printed at 100mm/s for higher quality. SeeMeCNC Atomic Red PLA at 198c.

CR-8 Parts Cooling Mod














Creality CR-8 Print – USB/SD/TF card holder – Atomic Filament


3D Printing Club member Walt Perko Images from Pinshape printed on his CR-8

Pricing and customer reviews

Shop around because I found the same model In a number of stores ranging as high as $794.88, $1.00 shipping USA down at one time to $389.99 $7 shipping from GearBest USA. At the time of this posting GearBest had the lowest price for $405.37 $14.00 shipping USA.
Customer reviews rate this buy as a 4.8 out of 5.

Final Thoughts

There are less expensive printers than the CR-8. Most in kit form requiring some sweat equity but not the CR-8 2 in 1. My personal thought about the price, knowing it’s value now should be $389.99 with the 2500mw laser module. One reason I’ve not made a big deal about the laser is it’s too low power for much. The laser comes with lasergraf software green spectrum glasses and simply mounts magnetically to the hotend structure. You can do wood burning, etching flats(need a controlled rotary servo for rounds), cut certain papers. Thing is, It’s set-up and a 10w 20w laser could mount and be controlled as the weak one is. The product marketing has the “DIY” or  “kit” depending on the store but is a very simple assembly. Hopefully, like this one was I hit power on and started printing. Three earlier 3D Printers had to have everything loaded, tuned and  This unit came with firmware loaded. I asked around the 3DPClub and leveled his model sometimes does not have preloaded firmware. If yours is not firmware loaded some extra time will be needed. The only problem we had was the SD/TF card was corrupt but a one hour wait for Creality support and a copy of the OEM supplied files were received. It’s fun when you can grab the rig by the handle and go. The footprint is very small with the power unit under the cantilever style design. A few months of operations and not a single jam or heat issue. I submitted a help ticket and answered in less than two hours. All this said I would buy again and recommend this model if it fits your needs.

Full Disclosure

For the sake of openness and transparency, this printer was earned for helping Creality build the company page and group. 3DPC is dedicated to honest critique and reporting both pros and cons. We suggest improvements that help companies improve a product and help members choose what is right for them.  I am grateful for the opportunity to review this printer, and looking forward to everyday use and sharing results with the 3D Printing Club Facebook group. GearBest was’s sponsor for Midwest RepRap Festival where we took the CR-8 for a demo but neither have any bearing on our evaluations.

*Ps. I’ll be back with the laser etching module update soon. Still learning LaserGraf application that comes with the CR-8 2 in 1 so watch for the up this update and another article “3D Printers With Laser Modules” to published soon.

Creality CR-8 2 in 1 laser module for etching


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