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Hermes is a 3D-Printed rocket capable of carrying scalable payloads to LEO and beyond. Our disposable Hermes rocket utilizes unique engineering and a proprietary heat coating to achieve a cost-effective launch solution. It is the first solid-fueled rocket to thrust, throttle, and vector. Courtesy of Stofiel Aerospace


All my life I’ve asked myself, “Impossible yesterday, possible today?” Not many yesterdays ago “NANO” tech was “space age” study, laboratory science and expensive development. Somethings impossible and costly yesterday CAN change overnight. This is the day of some pretty cool alchemy. The alchemy that will disrupt things in fantastic ways. Low price, simple to use PLA becomes Ceramic. Aerospace equipment and satellite transport avoiding the “MAX-LIFT” millions and billions of dollar class vehicles. Vehicles designed and built to suit in days, launched in weeks with repetitive capabilities while saving everyone millions, billions and trillions. Using this new tech and applying its properties NANO Materials Processing, Stofiel Aerospace and 3DPC.tech soon will be sending our particles and waves throughout the universe. Literally…

NANO Materials and Processing Inc., NANOMPI a Detroit automotive manufacturer and supplier kept right up with technology. Nano Materials & Processes, Inc. (“NMPI”) combines science, engineering, and imagination to create disruptive, high-value products and solutions. We develop and produce custom and off-the-shelf applications of detonation synthesis nanodiamonds in Composite Materials, Electrochemical Deposition and Tribology.  As they were discovering DIAMONDIZED™ applications and processes, one of the problems experienced in the process was so much 3D printing throughput, frequent nozzle changes, nozzle reliability. Andrey the engineer is a heads down inventor guy I’m working with at NANOMPI tried the DIAMONDIZED™ on 3D Printer Nozzles. It worked!  Worked so well 3DPC.tech seized the opportunity. 3DPC.tech DIAMONDIZED™ 3D Printer Nozzles are ready for market in days. FDM nozzles in standard sizes (for now). See ND Coating vs Tungsten Carbide, 14.9% to 93% improvement in hardness/durability table below to compare to tungsten carbide.

Stofiel Aerospace A St. Lious based Aerospace, Launches that are mobile, on-demand, and scalable to the payload. Stofiel Aerospace is offering a balloon-based small satellite launcher with unique capabilities for the educational, commercial, and governmental markets. Is disrupting the universe. 3D Printed Vehicle, 3D Printed Nozzles, Nozzles from PLA using NANO diamond and additives to create ceramic from the actual PLA 3D Print. Forget making a mold master, we can print a ceramic mold with ceramic properties withstanding pressures like a rocket nozzle burn into space. Keeping all fine details, tolerances, and form. Possibilities for 3D Printing PLA and processing into ceramic could be pretty disruptive.  Brian Stofiel uses the  Stofiel Aerospace Boreas Launch System and Hephaestus Heat Coating, a proprietary composite heat coating and application process. The proprietary heat coating allows PLA plastic, that normally melts at 200C, to survive a composite rocket operational cycle and withstand +4000℃ degrees.  Contrast to MAX-LIFT class rockets to take many of the same satellites into orbit. Costing millions of dollars, years to plan and build then months, years who knows how long to schedule tight window launch and control room time. Stofiel can design, print and schedule your vehicle to size and launch in a fraction of the time and cost.

Hermes 3D Printed PLA to Ceramic Rocket Nozzles – Stofiel Aerospace


Full composite engineering, patent-pending Hephaestus heat coating PLA to ceramic parts process. No expensive metal, no hard to manufacture alloys. PLA 3D printed thrust systems scaling the solid rocket’s motor to the payload.  In most areas of the 3D Print, the Hephaestus coating is a mere 3mm thick over plastic through our patent-pending positive molding process. Estimated time for construction of a Hermes orbital rocket is measured in hours, not weeks or months.

“Hermes is the dedicated low-cost small satellite orbital launch system. “Bring us your payload on a Monday it’ll be in orbit by Friday” with a 1000 missions to orbit…” and “Medical industry your ride has arrived, economics are right for research and development with the BOREAS rockoon.” says Brian Stofiel.


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3DPC.tech is onboard with a new printer farm here in the Detroit Auto Industry hub. 3DPC.tech will be printing or helping print the launch vehicles and process to create the 3D Printed rocket nozzles. They could have hundreds to thousands of launches. Imagine; a company wanting TOTAL security. Net, Cloud, and application processing isolation? Application Center (not data) but the mainframe OS on a private, REALLY private network. Your own. Proper encryption and security protocols and now low cost blows my mind. I’m a past V.P. and Consulting company I.T. strategist, data planner and security from days past. Solutions impossible those days only in 007 Sean Connery movies when I was responsible for systems, database, networking, and security. Odd it was 007 movies that put the video industry into life with Twentieth Century Fox where I worked then. Mag cards we’re “cool” then. Now, if I wasn’t retired, Twentieth Century Fox video on demand apps would run off our own satellite with the movie data in the cloud, maybe the stars. Looking at our own satellite would be plausible today. I see companies putting up their own communications satellites for pennies on the dollar compared to yesterdays tech and what’s possible today. Today we have orbital rockets light enough to balloon to altitude ceiling and quick burn carrying payloads into orbit? 3DPC.tech and the printer farm will offer the ceramic Hephaestus process and printing services to its clients. Imagine easy 3D mold making. Not the model for the mold, but 3D Printing a ceramic mold on a standard Prusa class FDM 3D Printer. PLA transformed into a mold that can withstand temperatures, no warp, less replacing, finer detail and long-lasting. I can’t stop imagining the other possibilities. Our printer farm will be using the new NANODiamonized Nozzles to reduce maintenance, failures, time and save money.

With companies like NANOMPI and Stofiel Aerospace, we here are 3DPC.tech can bring to you tomorrows technology today. What was impossible yesterday is now possible, today. The DIAMONDIZED™ 3D NOZZLES, the PLA to ceramic additives and process and services are all coming soon.

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