E3D Nozzle Fun Pack Review

E3D nozzles can be bought for cheap from ebay and the like, but officially you are looking at £5 each. What is their “Fun Pack” selection box like? Only one way to find out, I purchased to see for myself!e3d nozzle fun pack

The idea is you get 6 selected sizes, from the finest (0.25mm!) up to a huge 0.08mm, plus a spanner sized correctly for E3D nozzles (handy in itself).

  • 0.25mm
  • 0.30mm
  • 0.35mm
  • 0.50mm
  • 0.60mm
  • 0.80mm

The nozzles and spanner come in a nice tin, with a sticker on the lid showing how to identify the nozzle you are using (E3D nozzles use a dot system for size identification).

I have two printers currently that sport E3D v6 hot ends, with a clone hanging around waiting to go on my DIY build. I’m going to get a lot of use out of these guys.

All good so far.

Slightly misleading though is all the product descriptions and images around the web imply a couple of things that are not correct. First, the sticker shows two steel options, even though you can’t actually get the steel options in the fun pack from what I can tell.

The other misleading item is the description talks about the nozzles being “set in a laser-cut plywood stand for easy nozzle identification”, but in fact in the two kits I received there are no stands, just foam.

E3D Nozzle Fun Pack
E3D Nozzle Fun Pack – Note the discrepancies

I purchased one kit from E3D in the UK and another from Spool 3D in Canada. The only difference I can tell between them is the official tin shows the E3D logo and the Spool3D version does not. I assume the nozzles are legitimate all the same.

Considering the official nozzles are usually £5 each, but you get 6, with the tool, and a nice altoids-style tin, I would say this is good value for anyone who wants the legit nozzles, and who want to support E3D as a company, plus it is a nice, convenient way to try out different nozzle sizes to see which is right for you.

Check it out yourself at E3D, and let us know what you think in 3D Printing Club.

Chris Garrett

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