EasyThreed NANO Home and School 3D Printer Review

EasyThreed NANO Home and School 3D Printer Review

About EasyThreed:

Shenzhen EasyThreed Technology is a young upcoming company started in 2015 with a mission to “develop the most cost-effective and productive 3D printing technologies, software and consumables worldwide”.  3D printers they offer are the Mercury, NANO, Mars, Elite, WaterCube, and Magnum. Filament is also available. 

Price and Possibilities:

The EasyThreed E3D NANO under $200 (Gearbest $139.99 free shipping at time of press Coupon code; Easythreed) is a very decent small footprint, desktop, tabletop, classroom, bedroom, plug and play, print straight out of the box 3D printer. Simple set-up, simple learning and the only adjustment you might need is bed leveling but this sample was level from the start. I unboxed, inserted the filament, inserted the SD card and pressed print. Easyware is the slicer and also has simple mode operations. 



I Was Very Wrong: 

Until now I’ve paid very little attention to the mini market especially those under the $300 range thinking “how can a cheap printer be any good?”, “it must be cheaply built” and “I imagined the noise to be unchecked” but I admit now I was wrong on all accounts.  First thing I thought when I saw the decent quality was it’s a great fit for our young makers, classrooms, and gift idea for a child. It’s so simple, yes a child can use it. 


The print accuracy is 0.1 – 0.2mm, single 0.4mm nozzle and prints at 10-40mm/s and auto calibration. Not a speed demon but with a little patience and expectations equal to price and it’s worthwhile. Great to spark the imagination and learning 3D Printing. Safety is important to schools, kids, and homes. The E3D NANO is framed with a solid ABS type material, dual X rails and belts and dual square rod to screw drive Z axis. The hotend is well protected from touch and so far after 5 prints, the bed has required no tacking material. It weighs 1KG. The bed size is variable due to the upper and side restrictions. Or could be an added plus as the hotend can print above the framing. 90mm wide below the frame, 90mm deep within the sides of the frame or 110mm tall by 80mm wide and 90mm deep outside the framing.

Two Versions of the NANO:

Don’t get me wrong. This is not a printer for accuracy or fine tolerances. The vase printed directly off the included SD card is not a perfect circle. So I checked the belts and looked for any slack but it’s tight all over so this could be the best result we can expect, I’m not sure since I’ve not tried vase mode or another slicer yet. I checked with the company EasyThreed about this and they report I have the older model. There is a newer version of the E3D NANO with a more powerful motor and insulated feet that I’m told corrects this problem. Not having the latest model for review I can’t say if tolerances and quality on the new model would be commercially acceptable. It’s close now but at this price perfect for home and school.

Here is the Old and New E3D NANO side by side. 

First Prints:   



Raise Your Hand If You Can Hear Me:

Something reviewers don’t pay much attention to is noise. How loud a printer is. If you have 10 printers going in a classroom, can you teach over the noise? With the EasyThreed NANO yes you can. I have it sitting here next to me in the living room printing another snowman and barely hear it while wife an I watch TV. It’s not annoying or loud on retraction and movement is smooth with no vibration. 

Printer Specifications and Dimensions: 

Here you can see the Holiday Snowman printing showing the hotend/extruder up through the top of the printer. 


Wrap Things Up With Its Slicer Software: 

This printer I believe is an excellent gift Idea for the season. Nice price, quiet, easy to learn and simple to use. For me and my grandkids also a joy.  

Easyware the slicer software is very simple and has two modes, one key (simple) mode and custom for advanced print settings. Below are a few snapshots of the slicer software.  I sliced the above vase and snowman using the one key (default) print mode and very happy with results. 

It could be me not seeing something but there is no LCD screen on the printer. To print you simply insert SD card and press the printer button. In other words, the object to print is taken from the latest file on the SD. You can control the printer via USB and COM ports on a PC if you like too.  



Impression is if a CR-10 S5 is a Clydesdale this is a dwarf pony. Cute, quiet, quality, safe and too much fun. 


Brand: Easythreed 
Type: Complete Machine 
Model: E3D NANO 
Engraving Accuracy: 0.1 – 0.2mm 
Nozzle quantity: Single 
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm 
Layer thickness: 0.1-0.3mm 
Memory card offline print: SD card 
LCD Screen: No 
Print speed: 10 – 40mm/s 
Supporting material: PLA 
Material diameter: 1.75mm 
Language: Chinese,English 
File format: STL 
Packing Type: Assembled packing 
System support: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 ( 32 Bit / 64 Bit ) 
Certificate: CE,FCC,RoHs 
Size: Minimum

Where to buy? GearBest EasyThreed Nano

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