EZABL for Creality CR-10 Review

My Creality CR-10 S5 has been amazing but there has always been one frustration.

Leveling that 500mm x 500mm bed!

Could EZABL bed leveling assistance be the answer?

Now, I have to say, going in I was skeptical.

The Prusa “PINDA” is amazing, partly because of the special bed. Before that, however, I was burned by the terrible experience with the Wombot sensor which never worked for me despite swearing at it for 11 months.


I chose to purchase the easiest option, which comes with external power. This means that wiring is very straightforward, just take the Z stop cable and plug it in.

Due to the proximity to the hot end, I printed my bracket in ABS on my Createbot. I expect you could get away with PLA for a long time.

You also need the firmware. For some folks this might be the trickiest part, because my stock board would NOT take it, but a replacement board worked fine. This is likely unusual to me and my setup, though.

Getting it working

My bed was so warped I also made some additional steps. To make matters worse, at the same time I installed the bed leveling sensor, I also swapped out my hot end for the all-metal Micro Swiss replacement!

Here is what got it working for me:

  • Used 5×5 grid for the bed level sampling rather than the default of 4×4 points.
  • 50mm from edge because my bed is just crazy warped at the outer edges.
  • Removed clips in case they interfered.
  • Upped vref on my Z stepper because it was too weak, which throws off the z movement accuracy.
  • Manually leveled bed – as I say, crazy warped.

And …. Many iterations of test prints and chats with Tim, who was awesome and patient.

Bottom Line

So, is it worth it?

Yes, absolutely, depending on your valuation of your time and how patient you are.

It is not cheap, but I was wasting so much time releveling I would have paid MORE to get it fixed.

Remember also, while firmware is open source, and you can likely find the parts cheaper, what you are really paying for is support. I am pretty technical, but without Tim I would not have been able to get through the wrinkles in the process.

That said I believe the price has been reduced since I bought mine AND there is a smaller sensor, so even better!

You can get more information at TH3D.

Chris Garrett

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