Featuring Leslie Frost, with Arcam

Leslie Frost manages Arcam’s marketing efforts globally for the EBM business along with AP&C’s powder business and DTI’s orthopedic contract manufacturing business since April 2016. Leslie has been working in the 3D world starting with Dassault Systemes SolidsWorks Corp. since 2008. Her experience with 3D printing started with the 3D CAD world and moved to 3D printing for plastics with the Polyjet technology. When Objet and Stratasys merged she played a critical role in managing the marketing efforts to promote both the Polyjet and the FDM technologies together. Since moving to Arcam she has expanded her knowledge into the metal 3D printing world and is currently promoting and helping to expand the applications and technologies for the EBM process in orthopedics and aerospace production.

Read more about Leslie’ story and her thoughts on the Additive Manufacturing industry in her complete interview for Women in 3D Printing.

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