FlyingBear P905 Unboxing Video

FlyingBear P905 Unboxing Video
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FlyingBear P905 Unboxing Video

I talked to FlyingBear about doing some 3D Printer reviews and low and behold I look out on the porch and something from FlyingBear!

We hadn’t planned any specific model so what’s in the box is a surprise! FlyingBear P905 Dual Extruders and Dual Z Axis drives.
The printer features;
– ALL Metal construction
– Bed size 220 x 280 x 220
– 2017 New design
– Print speed 150mm/s
– Dual Extruder / multi material / multi color
– Precision Auto bed leveling sensor
– Materials PLA, ABS, Petg, Wood, Hips, PVA, Flexible filaments
– Layer thickness 0.05mm
– XY axis positioning accuracy 0.012mm
– Double Z axis positioning accuracy 0.004mm
– Hot Bed temperature range 60 – 120c
– Control Board MKS-L
– 4gb SD card (my SD card was blank asking to be formatted) not sure if media should be on the card


Al Shuryan

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