Nora Toure Women in 3D Printing - source WTTF

Introducing Women in 3D Printing series to the 3D Printing Club

When the 3D Printing Club offered me a Women in 3D Printing section on the new website of the club, I wondered how this could work and how not to compete with our own content at Women in 3D Printing.

But see, when it comes to promoting women in this male-dominated industry that is Additive Manufacturing, I don’t think there is any competition to have  Every opportunity to promote women in 3D Printing is to be taken.

When I started the journey of Women in 3D Printing in 2014, I honestly thought that I already knew most of the women working in A.M. Almost 3 years later, I realize how wrong I was! I am learning almost every week about women I did not know who are doing amazing things using A.M!

I started wondering why I had this idea that I knew all the women in our industry, and got to the following answers:

  1. So few women on stages of the major A.M-related events: we are not visible during major conferences
  2. Not a lot of us in the attendees rank either… someone said once that the only advantage of being a female attendee in a Tech conf is that the line for the restrooms is shorter. Agreed.
  3. Women in 3D Printing are off-data. That’s because of the nature of 3D Printing itself: most of us arrived in this industry at some point in our career and started on a different path. That means that we don’t count in the percentages of Women in Tech, nor in the percentages of Women in Manufacturing. We are hybrids.

And because we are hybrid and off-data, we are not expected to be visible. So we are not. That doesn’t mean we are not here.

Every opportunity to promote women in 3D Printing is to be taken.

In this 3D Printing Club – Women in 3D Printing series, we will share with you the stories of women building the Additive Manufacturing. You can expect, twice per month, short interviews of female leaders and introductions to businesses run by women.

If you have any suggestions about this series and women you’d like to see featured on our platform, let us know!