Kodama Kickstarter Ends Soon – Obsidian Quality Budget 3D Printer


Kodama Kickstarter Ends Soon – Obsidian Quality Budget 3D Printer
3D Printing Club Member Roi Igarashi Heads Up Tech Team


Shanghai – July 17, 2017 

3D Printing Club Founder Al Shuryan says.  “For years we’ve had Roi Igarashi as our very own tech support expert helping members everyday. I made Roi an offer to join the 3DPC.tech team the same day Kodama made Roi a better offer.  Kodama the company that brought you the Trinus 3D Printer ,  has Roi is living the dream. It’s cool our very own Roi has helped bring the world a new quality budget 3D printer called the Obsidian. Starting price is $99.00! There’s already a U.S. dealer/distributor  Kodama U.S. .”


Hello All,   

Roi here. Some of you may remember me from the time I spent here helping people with their 3D printers. The reason I haven’t been around as much is because one day Al and Kodama offered me positions on the same day. Kodama was first by a few hours and by the time Al contacted me I’d already accepted Kodama’s offer. I’ve had a great time at Kodama, the team flew me over to visit them in Shanghai and I’m happy with my relationship and job with them.

 I’m the head of their technical support, but also part of their engineering team. Every time they need to make changes, or want advice on how to improve the 3D printing experience for beginners they ask me for my input. The team is working very hard to improve 3D printing, and I’d pay attention to them in the coming months and years as they are improving Trinus(I’m part of the team designing their CNC module) AND coming out with a new 3D printer: Obsidian.



Obsidian is a 3D printer built for value and ease of use. The team benchmarks its print quality against Ultimaker2go and the Monoprice MP Select, while adding a bunch of convenience features like a removable bed, heated bed, LCD touchscreen, and camera. The most fully-featured configuration costs $249, but if you’re on a budget they offer a basic version with the same print quality at $99.

A lot of my work in technical support has gone directly into making this 3D printer work even more reliably than their last.

It’s live now on Kickstarter with only a few days left, please have a look: http://kck.st/2tczGtc

You can watch video reviews here:
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-Yours Truly,
Roi I. 



Al Shuryan

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