Luban Lithophane – Can It Beat The Rest?

Luban Lithophane – The kind of lithophanes we will be talking about is 3D printed. These are physical objects that have different depths. When light shows through them, you can see the vibrant image. It can depend on your 3D printer setting, the filament that is used, also how you edit your image. For example, adding more brightness or making it darker.


There are many programs and websites out there that can take a simple image and make it stand out.

  1. Lithophane Maker – Is a more advanced software, but it can make great lithophanes.
  2. – More user-friendly than lithophane maker and an excellent visual interface.
  3. PhotoToMesh – Now don’t get me wrong here, never used this one before. But by looking at the quality of the lithophane images. On their website it doesn’t look like the lithophanes will look good. Premium software.
  4. Luban Lithophane Maker – it is a premium software. Trust me. You are getting your money worth.


Luban Lithophane Maker

Luban, In general, is new in town they started with there feature that can split any 3D models into parts. This feature allows you to split the model into sections and make joining pins to make big 3D prints. For a beginner and a modeler, this can be a big issue, and time-consuming Luban makes this a lot easier.

Luban has now developed into making lithophanes it is still in the early stages. It looks to be a promising asset to the 3D printing community. User-friendly, plenty of options, but the main thing is Luji Chen. He is the owner or part of Luban who makes this software based on what the community likes; he loves providing for the community.

Since then Luban has now come up with a lot of new features including –

  1. Wire Frame Imprint
  2. Turn 2D Shape into 3D
  3. Natural Cut
  4. Grid Cut
  5. Cylindrical Print Volume

there are many more; this is just some of the features.

luban lithophane


If you are interested in the progress of the lithophane maker, keep an eye on this article. It will state everything about Luban lithophane maker feature.

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