Magicfirm Europe Releases the New  ZYYX pro 3D Printer for Engineering Materials

Magicfirm Europe Releases the New  ZYYX pro 3D Printer for Engineering Materials

For Immediate Release 

Gothenburg, Sweden, May 8, 2017
Following the success of the ZYYX+, Magicfirm Europe AB is now accepting orders for the new ZYYX pro: A Swedish Industrial Grade 3D printer specifically developed to allow professionals to rapidly produce customized, high-strength parts on their desks.

Along with the ZYYX pro, three new materials have been added to the ZYYX line of proFilaments: ZYYX proNylon, ZYYX proCarbon and ZYYX proKev.

Mats Moosberg, CEO of Magicfirm Europe and creator of the ZYYX 3D Printer: “Many of our customers have expressed a need for high-strength parts. The ZYYX pro and our new pro filaments will meet their requirements for functional prototypes and end-use parts such as tools, jigs and fixtures.”

Anders Johansson, CMO of Magicfirm Europe: “The ZYYX pro fits very nicely in our product portfolio and fills a clear gap in the market: The need to print with engineering materials. Should the ZYYX pro user want to print with materials such as proPLA or proABS, we offer a multi-material extension kit.  We are very proud of the result and are really happy to present this to the market together with a substantial early-bird discount!”

A 3D printer for professionals must meet very high uptime expectations. The ZYYX pro is therefore built upon ZYYX’s proven platform with features such as Automatic Leveling, Material Monitoring and a Heated Chamber.

A new feature of the ZYYX pro is the SwiftTool™, which enables the user to replace the tool head in under a minute, further improving uptime. In combination with this, every unit of ZYYX proCarbon is delivered with a hard-coated SwiftTool™, ensuring that abrasive materials do not slow down the printing process.

Equally important for the printing process is the condition of the printing material. That is why the ZYYX pro comes with the proTect™ material system that maximizes the quality and durability of the material during use and storage.

Health and safety must be the highest of priorities at any workplace and the ZYYX pro is designed to be quiet and safe. Through an innovative filtering system (HEPA and active carbon) that removes ultrafine particles and odors, the user can print safely with any material.

Pricing & Availability
Suggested Retail Price ZYYX pro: €4 250
ZYYX multi-material extension kit:    €295

Campaign Offer
The ZYYX pro, 750 g of ZYYX proCarbon filament and the multi-material extension kit can now be ordered at a campaign price of €3 600 with a delivery time of eight weeks.

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Magicfirm Europe Anders Johansson, CMO of Magicfirm Europe
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About Magicfirm
Europe Magicfirm Europe AB is a Swedish manufacturer of 3D printers and owner of the brand ZYYX 3D Printers. The company was founded in 2013.

The Magicfirm Europe AB office is located next to Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, at the premises of the Chalmers Innovation incubator.

Appendix: Technical Details Behind the ZYYX pro

The ZYYX platform
The ZYYX pro is built upon ZYYX’s proven platform with features such as:

• Material Monitoring The material monitor supervises the filament supply and pauses the print if the filament becomes jammed or reaches the end of its roll. Once the problem is fixed, the print can be resumed.

• Automatic Leveling Correct distance between the nozzle and the build plate – over the entire distribution of the build plate – is essential for a successful print. The ZYYX pro measures this distance before every print and compensates automatically for the positioning of the build plate and any tilting.

• Problem-Free Filament Extrusion On many 3D printers there is a risk that the heat from the nozzle will soften the filament further up in the print head, causing the extrusion mechanism to fail. In the ZYYX pro, the extrusion mechanism is thermally isolated from the hot nozzle, greatly reducing filament jams. Because the extrusion mechanism is easy to access and clean, reliability is further improved.

• Build Plates
o Pro Build Plate is delivered standard with the ZYYX pro and is used when printing with proNylon, proCarbon, proKev and proFLEX.
o Multi-Material Build Plate is part of the multi-material extension kit and is used when printing with proPLA and proABS as well as many third party filament materials.

The surface of these build plates enables printing without the need for a heated plate or the addition of temporary materials to the plate surface such as painters tape or PVA glue.

The build plate is held in place with neodymium magnets, making it easy to take out the plate before removing the prints.

• Heated Chamber The heated and enclosed build chamber provides a consistent printing environment tuned to the chosen material. A stable, high temperature throughout the model secures layer adhesion and prevents warping.

A new feature of the ZYYX pro is the SwiftTool™, which enables the user to replace the tool head in under a minute. The SwiftTool™ family includes tool heads for different print resolutions, as well as for different materials. Initially SwiftTool™ heads with 0.2 / 0.4 / 0.8 mm brass nozzles and a 0.6 mm hard-coated nozzle will be available.

The OfficeSafe™ concept makes the ZYYX pro quiet and safe. The ZYYX pro: • maintains a negative pressure in its enclosed build chamber and subsequently filters the air through an innovative filtering system (HEPA and active carbon), thereby removing ultrafine particles and odors. • has been designed to secure a minimum level of noise.

Multi-Material Extension Kit
• The ZYYX pro user that wants to print with proPLA, proABS as well as many third party filament materials is offered a multi-material extension kit consisting of:
• Selection of SwiftTool™ heads (0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm)
• Selection of materials: proPLA, proABS, proFLEX (750 g each)
• Multi-Material Build Plate
• ZYYX proSoftSpring for flexible material • proTect™ storage system

proTect™ Material System
The proTect Material System has been developed to maximize the quality and durability of filament during use and storage. It consists of two parts: • A sealed filament box with de-humidifying capsule in which the filament is kept while printing.  • A resealable vacuum storage system with de-humidifying capsule in which the filament is stored.

The ZYYX user can choose from a line of carefully selected high-quality filaments that comes with associated plug-and-play filament profiles. This allows the professional to concentrate on creating, rather than print parameter tweaking and troubleshooting.

The following filaments are available:
proCarbon (carbon fiber reinforced polyamide)
proKev (para-aramid fiber reinforced polyamide)
proNylon (polyamide)

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