MRRF 2019 – Interview With NMPI – The Future of 3D Printer Nozzles

MRRF 2019 – Interview With NMPI – The Future of 3D Printer Nozzles

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MRRF 2019 – Interview With NMPI – The Future of Nozzles Diamondized 3D Printer Nozzle

Marshall Weingarden ” Brass Coated 3D Printer Nozzle by Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. with Nonstick Polymer coated inside and Nanodiamond Coated tip is used at less than 325°C for continuous use, with 350°C allowed in burst mode. It has superior heat conducting characteristics (better heat-up and heat transmission to filament), is clog and wear resistant, and has a two-year limited warranty. This is the optimal nozzle for the preponderance of fused filament fabrication additive manufacturing (FFFAM).”…

AL Shuryan “The interior of the nozzle is coated with a non-stick polymer to provide a smoother flow of filament and resist clogging. The tip is coated with nanodiamond crystals, the hardest known substance, that is wear resistant to maintain printing accuracy and provide nozzle life that is up to twenty (20) times longer than that of standard brass nozzles.”…

Two Year Guarantee

Diamondized™ nozzles are guaranteed for two-years including a minimum of 15 kg of non-filled PLA or 3 kg of 30% carbon PTEG.  Nozzles are tested by measuring the extrusion.

The warranty does not cover the use of filaments with excessive regrind or contaminants, jamming of filament inside the heat brake, cooking of filament inside of the nozzle, heating the nozzle to greater than 350° Celsius, cleaning with oversize drills, or cleaning at an excessive temperature. The recommended cleaning method is to wipe the outside with a soft cloth and the inside with cleaner filament.

Product Availability

Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. Diamondized™ 3D printer nozzles with nanodiamond coated tip and internal thin film polymer coating are available in the following configurations and output orifices. Custom orders are also available.

3D Printer Nozzle DIAMONDIZED™ 3D Printer Nozzle


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