After One Year, Grows Into the Leading Resource for 3D Printing Materials

 After One Year, Grows Into the Leading Resource for 3D Printing Materials


Well folks, it’s officially been one year since we launched, and we’re proud to say that our project has grown immensely since we first started.

Over the last year, we’ve hit a number of milestones, none of which would have been possible without the help and participation of the 3D printing community. First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who played a part in helping into the leading resource for 3D printing materials.


With the recent addition of Rigid.Ink, we’ve now categorized over 4,000 different filaments from all over the world. Our project contains around 60 brands from 20 different countries. We’ve scavenged through three continents to bring you a comprehensive list of 3D printing materials, and our directory continues to grow at a steady rate.


Each month, we have been releasing filament trend reports for new products on the 3D printing materials market. We’ve created this to provide our user base with insight into where the industry is heading, as well as information on the newest and most innovative filaments.


Ultimately, the goal of is to become the primary resource for every aspect of the filament market, including general search, obtaining samples, purchasing spools, and finding proper print settings. We now have settings for 40% of the filaments referenced on our site.


Each setting contains the most critical parameters, along with the 3D printer used. Our goal is to reduce 80% of the time needed to figure out how to print with a new filament. By using the same print settings that worked for other users with the same printer model, you can easily optimize your printing experience.


“The challenge of 3D printing today rises in the workflow : users wants to produce products with specific characteristics without having to lose precious time into tuning the parameters at all levels. The goal of is to reduce the time to succeed a print perfectly by 80% with the print settings sharing,” says Gauthier de Valensart, founder of


As printers usually differ from one another, settings can vary from machine to machine. That’s why we need your help to get more and more settings uploaded. The more settings we collect, the better the analysis we will have. With this, we will be able to offer the 3D printing community the best service possible.


These settings are inserted by users like you, those who wants to help the 3D printing community by reducing time spent and materials wasted. By offering print settings from your own experience, everyone can get better printing results.


And best of all, every time you enter a setting, you will be automatically entered into a monthly contest, giving you the chance to win some great prizes!

Al Shuryan

Founder / Host / Moderator / Review Tech 3D Printing Club 3D Printing Club for Teachers and Schools 3D Print Laser and Milling MODs4VETS