PrintDry 3D Printer Filament Dehydrator Unboxing

PrintDry 3D Printer Filament Dehydrator Unboxing

Unboxing the PrintDry 3D Filament Dehydrator 

Moisture in 3D Printing filaments can cause some undesired results including bubbling, surface imperfections, holes and a real pain on the bed trying to get a perfect first layer especially. Any crackling or popping from the extruder could indicate filament with moisture. The PrintDry Filament Dehydrator can be a good solution. 

PrintDry Filament Dehydrator Accessories 

The D-Spools are to be assembled and used as an enhanced Spool holder (open sides). 
PrintDry also offers a Re-spool Station to rewind on any spool or the 2 D-spools supplied.

PrintDry Looks and Dehydrator Operation

Unit is very quiet and does give off low temperature heat into the room air. 

Dehydrating time is short. I imagined much longer but a few hours is not long at all. 
I haven’t tested but my hypothesis is a damp spool can be loaded and in the first few minutes fed through the feed ports to the printer and dry as you print. I’ll be testing out some scenarios and performance in the next installment of this review for the PrintDry.  
In addition to dehumidifying multiple spools of filaments you the unit can also regenerate desiccant packs.

Science Behind the PrintDry Filament Dryer


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