PrintDry 3D Printing Filament Container

PrintDry 3D Printing Filament Container

An airtight filament storage solution that keeps your filament dry

PrintDry UPDATE: 10/26/17 
PrintDry Filament Container email update from a few days ago;
“We still have 23 days to go and we are just about at the $42,000 mark with 376 backers. We are very happy with that result and if we get to $60,000 then we will include a FREE hydrometer with any 6 pack of containers purchased. So if you know of anyone who is struggling with the issue of storage filament, please feel free to direct them to our ongoing ” Kickstarter campaign.

PrintDry Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/02/17
Windsor, Canada, Oct 2, 2017 — TDL Systems Inc., a Canadian company specializing in 3D printing, has just launched a new product — PrintDry filament containers — on a Kickstarter campaign. Anyone who has worked with 3D printing knows that the water content in a filament can cause various 3D printing problems, from the print being partially failed to the filament completely unprintable. Leaving your filament spools unprotected will allow it absorb moisture in the air and reduce its printability. This happens to almost all the filaments, so it is very important to store your filaments in a dry environment to ensure a longer shelf life. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016 for our filament dryer (, now we are glad to introduce he PrintDry Filament Container for single filament spool storage.


Until now, the most common way to store filaments was by using zip-lock plastic bags, but with regular use, these bags would end up having small rips/holes. In other cases, the bags are just not properly sealed. All these issues lead to moisture being absorbed into the filament. Airtight plastic containers are another alternative and are much more durable. These containers are usually big and can store multiple filament spools inside. With the need to open the container to get one spool out for printing or to return one back to storage, every time the container was opened the outside moist air would rush in and the dry air inside would be totally lost after 2-3 times of opening the lid.

A PrintDry filament container is designed to solve these problems. It has the following features:
 Very durable: the wall thickness is 15 times thicker than that of a zip-lock plastic bag
 Single spool storage: only one filament spool in one container
 Clear plastic: no need to open the container to find out what’s inside
 Airtight: a special silicone seal and 4 strong clamps

These filament containers are tested to make sure the low humidity is achieved inside the container, even though the container itself is placed in a very humid environment. Each container comes with several desiccant pouches and it’s highly recommended to recharge or regenerate these desiccant pouches once a month by using a PrintDry filament dryer. The PrintDry filament container will be available at Pricing starts at US $9.80 per container.

For more info, please contact
Sonya King
TDL Systems Inc
Tel: 519-737-7500
888-519-3722 x106

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