NanoMPI Bearings and Gears Lubricant W/Needle Tip

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NANO MPI Gear and Bearing Lubricant


Bearings and Gears Lubricant by NANO Materials & Processes Inc.

Contains nanodiamonds in a biodegradable lubricant base.
Virtually eliminates micro sparking from metal-metal contact. Works as a high-pressure lubricant even in applications where normally used lubricants fail.



  • Reduces friction without adding fluid-tension load
  • Extends lubricated component life 20-40%.
  • Maintains thin film tension
  • Hardens contacting metal surfaces with a nanodiamond coating
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Promotes temperature stability
  • Will not break down due to heat
  • Reduces gear lash
  • Reduces operational noise
  • Stops momentary micro-welding during loss-of-lubrication conditions
  • Extreme pressure lubricant

Get better performance and increase bearing life up to 40%. Even rejuvenates some worn bearings!





Nano Materials & Processes, Inc. (“NMPI”) combines science, engineering, and imagination to create disruptive, high-value products and solutions. We develop and produce custom and off-the-shelf applications of detonation synthesis nanodiamonds in Composite Materials, Electrochemical Deposition and Tribology.

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