FoodBot3D Cullinary Food Printer


The FoodBot positions itself as a marketing tool for cafe and pastry shop owners as well as fun kitchen appliance to experiment at home. It will enable the creation of geometries which are impossible to produce by traditional methods and while the end surface quality may not be as perfect as traditional artisan food production, it does offer a novel and potentially more efficient approach. We are also targeting nursing homes that want to provide easy to chew food in more appealing shapes.

It does this by offering (relatively) accurate food 3D printing (with a .4 mm extrusion head) with as many as 5 different materials already validated. These can be relatively “standard” materials such as chocolate and biscuit paste, as well as other paste-based products such a candy, jam (but only for 2D decorations), and cheese. The system has already been tested for the possibility to include as many as 20 different food categories, such as mashed potatoes and chopped meat.


FoodBot3D Culinary 3D Printer 


  • Automatically adjustable height/auto leveling
  • Do you want a faster print, a detailed model, or combine the 2? Just change the nozzle diameter between 0.4mm and 0.84mm. Choose between plastic or metal pinhead
  • Effectively control 3D printed foods, while protecting nutritional ingredients from damage by controlling temperature to a range of ±0.1° C through its free downloadable software
  • Due to the real-time temperature control, every little change is controllable. Make your work more exquisitely superior, but also to protect nutritional ingredients from damage at the same time
  • You will be proud of the culinary delights and masterwork you can create
  • Easy plugin to use the USB or WIFI to print your models
  • Easy twist extruder to change the tubes
  • 10 times faster than the conventional FDM plastic printer to print speed
  • Biscuit ingredients can join the mango juice, black currant, sesame paste, peanut butter, walnut powder etc., pastry can include mung bean, red bean paste, purple sweet potato, lotus seed paste, etc., with a variety of chocolate, meat and more…


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