MK8 0.4 mm DIAMONDIZED™ 3D Printer Nozzle U.S. Orders

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DIAMONDIZED™ 3D Printer Nozzle 

DIAMONDIZED™ 3D Printer Nozzle (nanodiamond coated) deliver superior performance over even premium nozzles, with greater precision and extended life. Outstanding performance with abrasive or standard materials.
Our Diamondized™ nozzles are guaranteed for two-years including a minimum of 15 kg of non-filled PLA or 3 kg of 30% carbon PTEG.
Nozzles are tested by measuring the extrusion. DIAMONDIZED™ NOZZLES show no change in extrusion, throughout the lifecycle.
DIAMONDIZED™ NOZZLES have better thermodynamics characterized by minimal temperature drift or overshot on heat-up. Print performance is smoother and cleaner with less drag and rare clogging. Receive high-quality results even with lower grades of PLA. Easy nozzle maintenance: simply wipe the hot nozzle with a paper towel. (more information and specifications – 3DPC Nano Diamonized™ Nozzle Specs.)

~ Longest Lasting Nozzle
~ Better Than Tungsten*
~ Best Cost Per Gram Deposited $0.011

* 1200-1400 hardness using the Vickers HV scale in kg/mm.  compared to 865-1076 for tungsten carbide.  DIAMONDIZED™ 3D Printing Nozzles are a 38.7% to 48.9% improvement over tungsten.

1 review for MK8 0.4 mm DIAMONDIZED™ 3D Printer Nozzle U.S. Orders

  1. benfishr

    After I did a major overhaul on my printer, I received one of these nozzles and decided to try it out. Well, this little nozzle and the technology behind it has exceeded my expectation! Nice and smooth extrusion, great layer lines, and the filament doesn’t stick to it like other plain nozzles. With the price and the warranty that comes with it, you can’t go wrong! Will be buying some others for my other printers!

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