Sienci Labs Longmill Preview

3D printing and CNC milling have a lot in common so it’s no surprise that we have an interest in it at 3DPC. When Sienci Labs launched their first Kickstarter in 2016 they were an unknown company promising to bring an affordable CNC router to the desktop. With the LongMill Benchtop CNC they’re competing with the bigger boys. You can back the Longmill on Kickstarter here. It should be noted that their last kickstarter actually delivered early.

Router mounted on the Sienci Labs Longmill

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The LongMill brings the power of CNC milling to the maker, hobbyist, woodworker, and craftsman

Even though it’s still in Kickstarter Sienci Labs knows they have something special with the Longmill. They managed to hit their funding goal in just 16 hours. They’re taking on some of the heavy hitters in the CNC router industry as direct competition to the Shapeoko and X-Carve but at a fraction of the price. For the most part they let the router do the talking.

Milled Aluminum on the Sienci Labs Longmill


The LongMill comes in three sizes: 12″x12″, 30″x12″ and 30″x30″ with the largest being the most popular so far. It uses large aluminum extrusions for rails on the x and y axes. A linear guide is used on the z axis. Leadscrews with anti-backlash nuts are attached to huge NEMA 23 motors to control the motion. The most common material people will want to use it for is wood. However, it’s capable of processing aluminum, brass, plastics, foams and waxes.

Detailed wood machining on the Sienci Labs Longmill

What You’ll Need

The CNC router comes with everything needed to run except for a wasteboard (the base you fasten your mill to), router and material. They have a list of recommended routers and it’s easier to get an MDF board from your local hardware store than it is for them to ship one to you.


The rigidity of the Sienci Labs Longmill makes it faster and more reliable than the entry-level Mill One. When you compare it to the X-carve and Shapeoko you’ll notice that it’s leadscrew driven rather than belt-driven, meaning it’s nearly unstoppable and material options are almost endless.

Check out their Kickstarter project. It’s almost over but there’s still a couple of days remaining. The 30″x30″ machine is the best deal at $1250 CAD ($930 USD). That’s less than a lot of 3D printers!

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