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The Stinger II takes 3D Printing, to a whole new “Level”


3DP2F Stinger II Integrated Print Head System for 3D Printers

The “Stinger II” is an Integrated Print Head System for upgrading 3D Printers. Hot End Holder, Fans, Fang Cooling Ducts, Auto Bed Leveling Sensor and Firmware

Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019
Launch Day for the Kickstarter Campaign with incredible Early Bird Prices!!! Don’t Miss It !!

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Check out the many YouTube videos available., the premier online supplier of exclusive and proprietary 3D Printer parts and upgrades, will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign for the Stinger II.

The “Stinger II” is a mechanical device designed to use your 3D Printers Hot-End or Extruder to test the exact location and surface unevenness of your build plate and tell the printer how to compensate.

This Kickstarter Campaign will bring a “state of the art” device, into hands of the millions of 3D Printer enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. Most current brands of open frame 3D printers can be upgraded.

The hot-end/extruder/nozzle, “Business End” of the 3Dprinter must be precisely positioned above the build surface to lay down the filament material accurately and have perfect bed and layer adhesion. 3D printing without that perfect first layer means your print will fail or be of poor quality at best. The solutions previously available were time-consuming, manual testing and compensation for uneven bed surfaces.

The Stinger II automatically does a test “Tap Dance” routine reading the build surface and sends a digital mesh to your 3D printer. The proper position of the extruder|/hotend can be used by the printer, and the nozzle will be adjusted “on the fly” as needed to compensate for small fluctuations in the bed surface.

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Stated by David Ashenbrener, designer, inventor and builder of the Stiner II. “I have been a mechanical and mechanism device designer and inventor all my life. I have many CNC machine builds under my belt, so I have a unique understanding of how to integrate these devices with today’s popular 3-D printing machines. I have identified the weaknesses, designed many kits and solutions to overcome the limitations of the consumer grade printers and the Stinger II solves so many of the difficulty’s users encounter!
It takes your basic printer up to a quality, production level Printer in one appliance!” (add on) ( upgrade)

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