PEI Coated Flex-Plate System for 3D Printers – Kickstarter

Our product is a flex-plate system that fits nearly any 3D printer; it consists of a double or single-sided (your choice), PEI coated laser cut spring steel sheet and an accompanying 150º C rated adhesive-backed magnet.With our PEI coated sheets, you can spend more time enjoying printing and less time cleaning up ruined prints! Our flex-plate system offers the following advantages:


Robo 3D R1 3D Printer Review After One Year of Use.

After that print from the ROBO 3D R1+ , I opted for something large so I printed a large Pikachu filling the whole print area and was amazed. All the overhangs were tight and had no drooping. The top layers were also filled with no gaps. All this testing was convincing me how decent this machine is. 


Inov3D Activity One -Reviews CR-10

Reviews So far this year we have had allot of review units sent to us, ranging from a biqu magiance, Biqu Kossel Pro, Tevo Flash, different types of filament and many more.

Read more... Launches New Tech NANO  Diamondized™ Coated 3D Printer Nozzles announced today they will launch a new 3D Printing Nozzle with NANO Diamond technology. 3D Printer NANO Diamonized Nozzle


Solidworks Tutorial for a 3D Printer by Dan Salvadore of Tesla Filaments

Dan Salvadore of Tesla Filaments demonstrates 3D Printer Clibration Techniques for 3D Printing Club Members

Satellite retrieval rocket

3D Printing Our Way To Space

Stofiel Aerospace is using off the shelf printers and standard PLA to revolutionize access to space. CEO, Brian Stofiel, has developed a process using simple tools to develop his small satellite launch vehicle named BOREAS.


3D Printing Club RELAUNCH now has a beautiful magazine style theme. Not too busy but feature rich. Top down on the home page you’ll notice a “LATEST:” ticker tape top bar of our most recent reviews and news.


Manufacturing a Workforce through Hands-On Instruction

The future of the American workforce has yet to be written, but two Tampa Bay organizations hope to make Florida more than a historical footnote in the next chapter of the country’s manufacturing evolution. By merging hands-on, skills-based professional experience with cutting-edge technology, Ultimate 3D Printing Store (U3DPS) and the American Manufacturing Skills Initiative (AmSkills) are providing students, military veterans and unemployed adults in Pasco, Pinellas and Hernando counties with a career-defining opportunity.

Overnight timey wimey print #doctorwho

Craftbot XL First-Impressions Review

Craftbot is a 3d printer from Craftunique, a Hungarian 3d printer company. They sent me a Craftbot XL on loan to review and send back, so this week I have


Worlds Largest 3D Printing Club Sales Page is Now Open

The Worlds largest 3D Printing Club will not just sell anything and everything. We will present to you the BEST sales on the Hottest products we can find.