Pimp my Printer: Installing Custom LED Bar – #MAKEMORE Salvatore Lacorte

add plug-and-play LED lighting to virtually any 12V or 24V 3D printer, no soldering is required, and installation takes just minutes on most machines. Cables connect to either the PSU via pre-soldered and crimped spade connectors, or directly to hot end fan power, with no additional wiring needed.


EZABL for Creality CR-10 Review

My Creality CR-10 S5 has been amazing but there has always been one frustration. Leveling that 500mm x 500mm bed! Could EZABL bed leveling assistance be the answer?

Creality CR-8 2 in 1 3D Printer - picture courtesy of GearBest.

Creality CR-8 2 in 1 3D Printer Review

Creality CR-8 3D Printer Review (*2 in 1 with laser module update later (please follow)) Creality’s CR-8 2 in 1 3D printer is a very interesting model. Cantilever style, higher speeds,

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Creality CR-10 S5 Unboxing, Assembly, Bed-Level and First Print!

The original Creality CR-10 3D printer is already considered large, with a 300mm x 300mm bed, but the S5 has a 500x500x500mm build area! What’s it like? Let’s find out ….


Creality CR-10 3D Printer Review Video

I recently bought a Creality CR-10 3d printer. I had low expectations, seeing as it was so inexpensive for the build size, and was coming from China, but the actual