The State of 3D Printing: The 2018 edition of Sculpteo’s survey is here! Answer the survey and get a reward

Every year for the last 4 years, Sculpteo is launching a survey, addressed to all the 3D printing users all around the world, and from all industries: the State of 3D Printing. This survey allows getting a better understanding of the additive manufacturing world. 

Since 2009, Sculpteo is an online 3D printing service, making it possible for anyone to 3D print parts, from hobbyist to professionals. With a goal to improve production and offering an always better service, Sculpteo created this survey in order to have a better understanding of the use of 3D Printing users have. This survey is then offered, as an e-book, to the community. 

Why is it useful?

The answers that they get through this survey each year are not only helping Sculpteo as they are sharing it afterward. This report sums up all the possible use and more importantly, the evolution of the use of additive manufacturing.

Last year, we learned a lot about these evolutions. For example, we saw that the 3D printing technology is more and more used directly for production and not only for prototyping. We also saw that this technology is now seen as a competitive advantage, playing an important role in various companies’ strategies. Indeed, 47% saw a greater return on investment than last year.

You are using 3D printing? Sculpteo needs you!

Are you using 3D printing within of your company? Do you know someone using this technology? Don’t hesitate to answer and share this survey!

The more answers Sculpteo gets, more accurate the study will be. All the 3D printing users are invited to answer this survey. It will not take you a lot of time, and to thank you for your participation, they have some gifts for you.

Every respondent to the survey for the 2018 edition will benefit from a 10% discount on their next order on the online 3D printing service, at Sculpteo. Moreover, one of the respondents will win a 100€/$ Amazon gift card!

We are looking forward to your participation. Answer the 2018 edition of the survey!