Ultimate 3D Printing Store Becomes Wanhao Master North American Distributor

Ultimate 3D Printing Store Becomes NEW Master North American Wanhao Distributor



After months of failing dealership problems, customer complaints, sales waits and non delivery of purchases Wanhao US https://wanhaousa.com appears to have left the scene. Website down, Facebook gone and customers left in the dark. 

Gary Chen of Wanhao sent this out June 24th: 

( Important Notice on STOPPING WANHAOUSA dealership
Dear WANHAOUSA customer,
WANHAOUSA is one of our distributor in USA since 2012. We have suspended his dealership since Oct 2016 due to his financial problem, and we deleted his name from our website since 1st Oct 2016.
In the past 3 months we did not receive any order or payment from WANHAOUSA. A lot customers come to WANHAO CHINA to claim the printer which you paid to WANHAOUSA. Please cancel your order and ask your credit card company to return your payment.
At same time, if you have get anything unclear or need assist.
Our primary distributor Ultimate 3D printing Store would provide any possible assistance. )

My research shows problems in the last year and we’ve heard murmurs and complaints in the 3D Printing Club about Wanhao usa. After hearing this I believe it’s our responsibility to the club to tell our members. 




Wanhao US even Trademarked Wanhao company brand and name. 


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/4pa94z/is_wanhao_usa_a_scam_site/

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/5f8pxt/do_not_order_from_wanhao_usa/

Source: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/i3/topic:10740

Recent comment on Gary’s post. 
I’m just seeing this today, WanhaoUSA never shipped my printer that was ordered 4/27/17 and now they don’t even have a website.”
This is what we have a duty to bring awareness to and why. 

Now the GOOD NEWS. Ultimate 3D Printing Store becomes the U.S. Wanhao Master Distributor.

Roy says: “Ultimate 3D Printing Store has been a distributor since 2015 but has now partner with Wanhao China to become the Master North American distributor.  So we were always a distributor now we are the master distributor.”

More about Ultimate 3D Printer Store: 

During my research I reached out to Roy Kirchner of Ultimate 3D Printing Store which I had not contacted or visited before this. Roy assures us that the USA Wanhao sales, customer support and community involvement will now have the kind of attention they deserve. I noticed Ultimate 3D Printing Store has a user rating of 4.8 satisfaction out of 5.  

More GOOD NEWS, Ultimate 3D Printing Store will be very active with the 3DPC.tech family of groups. We plan to work together to bring our members and their customers beneficial deals, reviews, updates and support from a user group standpoint. The 3D Printing Club For Teachers and Schools will benefit with more reliability and participation. The 3D Printing Club members will see benefits like Flash Sales and purchase turn around much faster now. 

Industry professional members can count on a highly trained and experienced company working with them for product and services selections. 
Please join me in welcoming Ultimate 3D Printing Store as the new Wanhao Authorized MASTER North American Distributor. 

  • You may see me the founder of 3D Printing Club and more being Admin for a few Corporate Pages or Groups. It’s not a conflict of interest I promise. I’m consulting for a few companies to help manage and tweek Facebook entities trying to earn these companies trust, respect and relations. Ultimate 3D Printing Store is one I’m working with. – AL

Ultimate 3D Printing Store
Warehouse & Showroom Location
11108 Challenger Ave Building 1
Odessa, FL 33556
Office (813) 280-1115
Company Cell (813) 277-8200
Wanhao Team
24th June 2017

Al Shuryan

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