Unboxing the Dikale 3D Print Pen Kit

3D Pen kit for Kids and Adults – Dikale 05A

New model design for 2017 this 3D Printing Pen is for doodling, tracing and using your imagination or better yet let your child’s imagination create and make.

Exploring the Dikale 3D Pen

Let’s explore what the kit has to offer.  Model Dikale-05A has a new Design for 2017 with OLED Display, safety features like auto shut-off after 10 minutes and uses standard size 1.75mm filament and uses materials like PLA and PCL. The kit comes boxed in a sturdy box with carrying handle, two free 7.5-meter trial Fast melting toxic free odorless PLA filament samples, thick clear plastic overlay, 20 Stencils, USB power adapter and when not in use a pen stand.

The OLED display is simple and easy to read. showing the temperature and speed.  You control temperature, speed, filament feed with “One Button” control. The plastic hardens rapidly making it kids easy to use and objects created harden quickly for a fast make and play result.

Later 3DPC.tech will bring in a 7-year-old creator and get an opinion from the primary users of this ingenious product. With so many of these now to choose from, we will see if it hits the nay or play results.

Join me as we explore the 3D Pen Kit unboxing and discover the perfect gift for all occasions.
Al Shuryan unboxes the Dikale 05a 3D Print Pen Kit




Unboxing the Dikale 3D Printing Pen

BTW; We here at 3DPC.tech suggest using PLA materials and Dikale has a Large 16 color 20-foot length each sample pack.

PLA 3D Pen Filament Refills - Dikale 3D Printing Pen Filament 1.75mm Including 16 Different Colors, 20 Feet Per Color, 320 Feet in Total for Scribbler, Soyan, Manve, MYNT3D, Dikale, TIPEYE 3D Pen

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