Updating Your 3D Printer Firmware Using Cura

Updating your firmware is a necessary but scary task for many, but you do not need to do it the hard way. You can use Cura and not even unplug your printer, in fact. Let’s take a look how!

The Athorbot Buddy Couple I have been reviewing requires you to update the firmware each time you want to change modes from “mix” to “dual extruder”, so if I had to use Arduino each time I would have to give it a thumbs down, but in practice it is really easy using the process in this video.

Firmware is the software that runs the hardware on your 3d printer that your slicer communicates with, or that interprets the gcode on your SD card.

While using Arduino is straightforward (once it is all set up and you have done it a couple of times), it is far easier and quicker to use a pre-supplied compiled firmware supplied as a .hex file and transfer it to your printer using Cura.

In this video I start by creating a .hex file to show how to do that, but the main part of the video is where we download a firmware file from a 3d printing Facebook group, and use that new firmware on our 3d printer main board over USB.

If you need to update your firmware, ask your vendor/supplier/community if there is a .hex file you can use – it’s much easier!

Chris Garrett

Chris reviews 3D printers and offers 3D printing and making tips, ideas, videos, and tutorials on several websites, including here, his own Maker Hacks, and elsewhere. His content is based on his years of 3D printing and making, and his ever-growing collection of 3D printers.